“The Zoological Society of London 1826-1976 and Beyond” 1976

Symposia of the Zoological Society of London Number 40

p.226 ‘The Role Of Education’ written by W.S. Bullough (Department of Zoology, Birkbeck College and Feona Hamilton (Assistant Librarian, The Zoological Society of London)

“Other experimental activities of the time [1930’s] were the establishment of the popular magazine Zoo (later known as Animal and Zoo Magazine) which was widely used in schools; of the Zoological Film Productions Ltd, which made some 12 popular films, six educational films, and thousands of feet of film for scientific record; and of a Studio for Animal Art begun by Dr Juilian Huxley with grants from County Councils, the Slade School of Art, and the Royal Academy.


The following information was passed on to me from David Parfitt, the Archivist for the NEAC…

“I made enquiries from NEAC Members and one of them, Charlotte Halliday, (Keeper of the New English Art Club) bought into the meeting a catalogue of work by an artist called Raymond Sheppard (1913 – 1958).

In the catalogue, Raymond Sheppard published by there are various chapter headings – Early Work, the Artist and his Family etc. One chapter is called The Animal Kingdom. Under the heading Wildlife, it says that, as a student in the 1930’s “Sheppard studied at the London Zoo……..” ”

He also mentioned a book by Sheppard called ‘Drawing at the Zoo’ published by Studio that ‘Animal Drawing’ by Skeaping was also published by. I managed to get a copy and although it does mention he has been drawing in the zoo for a number of years – there is no specific mention of the Studio.

The next step will be to look at his drawings at Liss Fine Art and see if there are any for 1937-39.

After the practical commitments of the recent manifestation in the interim show, now its back to following up other leads. Some of this will be retrospective but will also be categorised on the main site. Thank you again to everyone who has been spending time following up my email requests.

The RIBA Library Photographic Archive has two folders of photographs of the studio. There are about 10 photos of students drawing and painting. One day I will get copies of all of these and permissions to display so that possibly the students could be identified? There are two photos that have tutors too. One the back it is labelled

“Mr B R Hancock, Art Instructor”


“Mr F J …………., Art Instructor”

but we were unable to decipher the handwriting. I will post a photo of my attempt to work it out.

Four photos will go into the display for the Slade Interim exhibition next week the exciting thing being the photos feature the drawings the students are making. Perhaps the aims of my project have been fulfilled but I’m not so satisfied with photos of drawings made in the studio so will carry on for the time being.

In the 1960’s the Studio was demolished and replaced by a building designed by Llewllen Davies for The Nuffield Institute of Comparative Medicine. I will be going to film the building that now stands at the original site of the studio, but for now here are Google Street View shots of it. I may need to wait for Autumn and the loss of the leaves before there is a decent view but maybe its ok that it will be slightly obscured. These are views of the front of the building, the cinema would have been at the rear, viewable form the canal.