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The RIBA Library Photographic Archive has two folders of photographs of the studio. There are about 10 photos of students drawing and painting. One day I will get copies of all of these and permissions to display so that possibly the students could be identified? There are two photos that have tutors too. One the back it is labelled

“Mr B R Hancock, Art Instructor”


“Mr F J …………., Art Instructor”

but we were unable to decipher the handwriting. I will post a photo of my attempt to work it out.

Four photos will go into the display for the Slade Interim exhibition next week the exciting thing being the photos feature the drawings the students are making. Perhaps the aims of my project have been fulfilled but I’m not so satisfied with photos of drawings made in the studio so will carry on for the time being.


In the 1960’s the Studio was demolished and replaced by a building designed by Llewllen Davies for The Nuffield Institute of Comparative Medicine. I will be going to film the building that now stands at the original site of the studio, but for now here are Google Street View shots of it. I may need to wait for Autumn and the loss of the leaves before there is a decent view but maybe its ok that it will be slightly obscured. These are views of the front of the building, the cinema would have been at the rear, viewable form the canal.

Although can’t confirm these studies were made in the Studio, perhaps they were…

All images ©2010 London Transport Museum & Transport for London


We’re at the zoo, by Kraber, circa 1938

Medium: Conté crayonDimensions: Width: 630mm, Height: 1010m
Reference number: 2006/12546


Giant panda, by Clifford Ellis and Rosemary Ellis, 1939

Published by London Transport, 1939
Printed by Dangerfield Printing Company Ltd, 1939
Format: Panel poster
Dimensions: Width: 305mm, Height: 255mm
Reference number: 1983/4/10384


The zoo; camel, by Bip Pares, 1939

Published by London Transport, 1939
Printed by The Baynard Press,
Format: Double royalDimensions: Width: 635mm, Height: 1016mm
Reference number: 1983/4/5341


Today was a visit to the RA library and archives. Searching through the records of the RA from 1937 – 1939 a list of student prize winners could be found for each year.

In 1938 Helen Jean Young won a few prizes and previous research has confirmed that she attended zoo classes with Skeaping. Need to find that reference again but I think it was the classes before the studio was built. A couple of weeks ago I had a phone call from David Parfitt from the NEAC with an address for Jean Young from the NEAC records. Not sure how to follow this up but even if the classes she took were from the early 30’s perhaps she visited the studio once it had been built. She was still a student and in London.

The stills above show the gap in the shelf of the book I was referring to. The RA library is particularly stylish, with the classic leather toped tables but with quality modern elements which stop it from feeling too stuffy. The shelves were stained dark grey/green and I underexposed the videos to reflect that I wasn’t very clear what I was looking for and to try and capture some of the qualities of the space. Perhaps it is too underexposed but when edited with other footage maybe it wont seem this way?

Today we looked through ten years of prize winning archived drawings from the Slade in the search for drawings of animals perhaps made in the zoo and specifically the studio of ’37-’39.

These are screen shots of the video shot during the search, when played back the process looks almost choreographed, the record of the sequence of searching reflecting the catalogue of the works and the control of the lists and the locations.

Nothing relevant was found here and the only animals were a monkey and a peacock from Baroque Drawing by Mary Adshead, 1928, Accession number SDC6140.

Unfortunatley it has been impossible to hold an exhibition of drawings from the Studio of Animal Art for the interim show but the search for drawings will continue.

Tomorrow there is a visit to the Strang Print Room, UCL. Later in the week is an appointment a the RA Archives to search for some there.

The exhibition will be a future event. In the meantime there will be explorations of the presentation of the material, its sourcing documented here